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Learn how to use Kyron Learning with our Product Manager, Sachit Mishra. These short webinars will walk you through our platform and process for seamless lesson creation.

This is the first series in our effort to help educators and creators learn more about Kyron Learning and Kyron Studio!

We are excited to connect with you. If you have any questions or would like to chat with our team beyond one of these webinars, please contact us!

Community Conversation: The Education Revolution

In addition to webinars, we'll be hosting community conversations as well. Join Domari Dickinson, Head of Curriculum, to discuss what is the Education Revolution and what role AI has in it. We're excited to hear your thoughts!

Join us on Google Meet on May 23 at 3pm PT! Google Meet Link | Calendar Invite

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyron Learning?

Kyron Learning is an interactive video learning platform powered by AI that enables anyone to learn anything from real instructors.

What problems does Kyron solve?

Learners often do not get personalized instruction with true differentiation or real-time feedback to improve their understanding. This is typically due to small student/teacher ratios, time/budget constraints, and a lack of high-quality, engaging materials. Kyron Learning was built to address all of these issues.

How does interactive video work?

Interactive videos allow the instructor to pose questions to the learner during the lesson, and respond with appropriate feedback. This is accomplished via an AI engine which is listening to the conversation, and stitching together the appropriate pre-recorded video segments to form a conversation. Done perfectly, the lesson feels like a live 1-1 video conference with the instructor.

How do you use Kyron's AI?

Kyron uses its conversational AI engine to guide the interaction between the instructor and the learner. The engine is listening to the learner’s responses, and selecting the most appropriate pre-recorded video segment to play next. We’re also utilizing generative AI to respond to more open-ended questions, under guardrails established by the instructor.

How can learning solution providers use the Kyron platform?

Kyron Learning is a learning platform for developing and delivering interactive video lessons, and can be used across a number of content domains and with a variety of audiences. Learning Solution providers can augment their existing curriculum with interactive Kyronized content, or develop new curriculum using Kyron’s interactive video modality.

How is Kyron meaningfully unique from alternatives?

Kyron Learning gives a unique advantage to educators by allowing them to scale their teaching in a way that offers students an enriching, dialogue-based, asynchronous learning experience. Additionally, Kyron provides actionable insights back to the educator about each students’ learning.

How does Kyron Learning improve and enhance educational outcomes?

Outcomes are improved by increasing student engagement, differentiating instruction based on student misconceptions, and returning comprehensive data to the educator.

Where can I use Kyron Learning?

You can use Kyron Learning in a classroom setting, in personalized learning blocks, in tutoring programs, at home, and more! We’re here to support you and your students wherever needed.

What technology is required?

Learners need a computer with a microphone to engage with a Kyron lesson. (We recommend headsets with attached microphones so students can hear and be heard clearly.)

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