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K-12 Math Program

What is the Program?

Kyron Learning has developed 4th Grade Math curriculum aligned to the Eureka Math standard – all delivered on the Kyron Platform. Kyron Learning is making this content available to schools and districts at no charge for the 2023-2024 school year as part of the Kyron Learning K-12 Math Program

Use Cases

Intervention Blocks & Tutorials
Kyron guides students through content they find challenging. They can practice skills and receive immediate feedback.
Small Groups & Stations
Use Kyron like a teaching aide. Assign a subsection of students to dive into a standard or skill while you teach another topic.
Students who missed a lesson can use Kyron to catch up or review a concept at their own pace.

Program Benefits

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Eureka-Aligned Curriculum

A year of free supplemental math lessons, aligned to the 4th grade Eureka Math. Kyron covers the two major clusters of 4th grade math standards: Numbers and Operations – Base Ten (4.NBT) and Numbers and Operations – Fractions (4.NF).

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The Kyron K-12 Collective

All teachers are invited to take part in bi-monthly meetings that include insights into the latest AI developments from top practitioners, discussions around the responsible uses of AI, and the latest teaching practices for using Kyron in the classroom.

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Dialog with Kyron Learning

Participate in regular check-ins with the Kyron Learning team. We want to hear your insights, along with the experiences of your students, to guide our product development.

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Student Progress Reports

Kyron will provide teachers with reports on a student's progression through a lesson, highlighting key understandings and misconceptions.

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Responsive Tech Support

At any point, teachers can email support to report a problem and receive technical assistance within one business day.

Our Teaching Principles

We Believe:
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All students deserve a safe, affirming, and joyous learning environment.

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Choice supports student agency and creates engaging learning opportunities. 

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Every student is a learner.

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Mistakes are to be expected, respected, inspected, and corrected. 

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In diverse learning styles and expression through words, pictures, and numbers.

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Thinking deeply and conceptually outweighs thinking quickly.

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In the value of self-assessment and self-reflection. 

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View Our Logic

“As we piloted our fourth-grade math content, we developed a logic model in collaboration with WestEd. Our logic model meets ESSA Tier IV requirements, and we invite you to take a look!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyron Learning?

Kyron Learning is an interactive video learning platform powered by AI that enables anyone to learn anything from real instructors.

What problems does Kyron solve?

Learners often do not get personalized instruction with true differentiation or real-time feedback to improve their understanding. This is typically due to small student/teacher ratios, time/budget constraints, and a lack of high-quality, engaging materials. Kyron Learning was built to address all of these issues.

Who are the teachers?

Kyron’s teachers are experienced educators with years of classroom experience. Each lesson is taught by several teachers so students can select one that best resonates with their learning style. También ofrecemos lecciones en español para estudiantes que eligen aprender en español en lugar de inglés. (We also offer lessons in Spanish for students who choose to learn in Spanish instead of English.)

What is the K-12 program?

Kyron has developed 4th grade math content based on the Eureka curriculum, and has a K-12 Program where schools can utilize that content during the 2023-24 school year to augment their traditional instruction. This offering is built on top of the Kyron Learning platform.

How can learning solution providers use the Kyron platform?

Kyron Learning is a learning platform for developing and delivering interactive video lessons, and can be used across a number of content domains and with a variety of audiences. Learning Solution providers can augment their existing curriculum with interactive Kyronized content, or develop new curriculum using Kyron’s interactive video modality.

How is Kyron meaningfully unique from alternatives?

Kyron Learning gives a unique advantage to educators by allowing them to scale their teaching in a way that offers students an enriching, dialogue-based, asynchronous learning experience. Additionally, Kyron provides actionable insights back to the educator about each students’ learning.

How does Kyron Learning improve and enhance educational outcomes?

Outcomes are improved by increasing student engagement, differentiating instruction based on student misconceptions, and returning comprehensive data to the educator.

Where can I use Kyron Learning?

You can use Kyron Learning in a classroom setting, in personalized learning blocks, in tutoring programs, at home, and more! We’re here to support you and your students wherever needed.

What subjects are covered?

Kyron is currently building out 4th grade math because it lays the foundation for more advanced concepts and helps students develop important problem-solving skills they will use throughout their academic journey. We plan to add lessons across all grades and all subject areas over time.

What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Kyron’s conversational AI?

ChatGPT is generative AI and creates content, including audio, code, images, and text. By contrast, Kyron’s conversational AI employs machine learning to understand student answers and choose the appropriate, pre-recorded responses provided by Kyron’s teachers. Because our teachers have years of experience understanding common student misconceptions and struggles, they know how to guide students empathetically and with encouragement. The technology gets better and better at matching students’ answers with teachers’ responses over time.

How does Kyron understand what students are saying?

Our lessons use conversational AI technology that translates student answers into code that Kyron uses to assess the response before proceeding with the lesson.

What technology is required?

Learners need a computer with a microphone to engage with a Kyron lesson. (We recommend headsets with attached microphones so students can hear and be heard clearly.)

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