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Interactive video lessons with expert teachers powered by conversational AI.

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Kyron isn’t just another video lesson platform. Students can learn interactively anytime, anywhere with expert teachers of their choice. In a Kyron video, teachers ask questions to students to gauge their understanding of a topic. Using conversational AI, Kyron provides immediate one-on-one differentiated support with pre-recorded teacher responses to guide students to conceptual understanding.

How Kyron Works

How Kyron Works

Learning starts in the classroom! Teachers identify topics where students need more practice. Students come to Kyron to review video lessons one-on-one with a teacher of their choice.

Student learing math with Kyron


Kyron’s teacher introduces themself, shares the goal of the lesson, how it’s used in real life, and checks the student’s familiarity with the topic.

Students speak or write their responses to prompts as Kyron’s teacher walks through each concept. If they need more help, the teacher dives deeper. When students demonstrate understanding, the lesson moves on.

Screenshot of a Kyron lesson


Student learning online


At the end of each lesson, Kyron’s teacher checks in with the student, reviews what they’ve learned and celebrates their accomplishments. Kyron shares student progress with the classroom teacher, highlighting areas for further practice.

How We’re Different

Ho We're Different
Kyron Learning interactive video powered by conversational AI
Kyron Learning Teachers
One-on-one Interactive Videos

Students thrive when they can connect with a teacher and get in-the-moment feedback. In our video lessons, Kyron’s conversational AI lets students speak or write to a teacher and receive thoughtful responses.

Expert Teachers

Students pick from a library of teachers that combine their knowledge of typical responses and common misperceptions with proven strategies to prompt and guide students to conceptual understanding and mastery.

Teacher with students in a classroom
Teacher with students in a classroom
Empathy & Kindness

Kyron’s prompts are created by our teachers who know when and where students need kindness and encouragement. Unlike generative AI, Kyron’s conversational AI uses machine learning to understand student responses and choose the appropriate pre-recorded teacher prompts.

Conceptual & Applied

Kyron lessons focus on collaborative learning, conceptual understanding and real-world application. We believe that students master topics by understanding the process of how things work, not through rote memorization.

Student learning online
Safe Space to Make Mistakes!

Kyron’s teachers encourage students to strengthen their thinking muscles. We see mistakes as valuable learning opportunities! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the teachers?
    Kyron’s teachers are experienced educators with years of classroom experience. Each lesson is taught by several teachers so students can select one that best resonates with their learning style. También ofrecemos lecciones en español para estudiantes que eligen aprender en español en lugar de inglés. (We also offer lessons in Spanish for students who choose to learn in Spanish instead of English.)
  • What technology is required?
    Students need a computer with a microphone to engage with a Kyron lesson. (We recommend headsets with attached microphones so students can hear and be heard clearly.)
  • How does Kyron understand what students are saying?
    Our lessons use conversational AI technology that translates student answers into code that Kryon uses to assess the response before proceeding with the lesson.
  • What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Kyron’s conversational AI?
    ChatGPT is generative AI and creates content, including audio, code, images, and text. By contrast, Kyron’s conversational AI employs machine learning to understand student answers and choose the appropriate, pre-recorded responses provided by Kyron’s teachers. Because our teachers have years of experience understanding common student misconceptions and struggles, they know how to guide students empathetically and with encouragement. The technology gets better and better at matching students’ answers with teachers’ responses over time.
  • What subjects are covered?
    Kyron is currently building out fourth grade math because it lays the foundation for more advanced concepts and helps students develop important problem-solving skills they will use throughout their academic journey. We plan to add lessons across all grades and all subject areas over time.
  • Where can I use Kyron Learning?
    You can use Kyron Learning in a classroom setting, in personalized learning blocks, in tutoring programs, at home, and more! We’re here to support you and your students wherever needed.
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