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Solution Areas

Teacher assisting a student at a laptop computer.

Develop your own Kyron Learning content, or leverage Kyron's 4th grade math content in your application or within your school. Kyron Learning lessons can be used as the primary instructional curriculum, or to augment existing curriculums, and give teachers the ability to scale and deliver differentiated learning within the classroom.

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Higher Ed

Using the Kyron Learning platform to deliver college level curriculum gives online universities the ability to deliver personalized instruction at scale. Kyron lessons can be used to augment particular subjects, or even as a first-level office hours, to answer common questions and to help students 24/7.

Tutor helping two students.

Tutoring companies can use Kyron Learning to increase their tutoring capacity, lower their service delivery costs by creating a hybrid offering, or use the Kyron lessons as a way to sample individual instructors before committing.

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Professional Skilling

Gain insight into what your learners understand, and where they are struggling. Use that information to improve your training, and even potentially improve your products. Offer a better alternative to the traditional sequential monologue instructional video, leading to more learner interest and engagement, and better comprehension.

Person on a video chat call on an iMac
Curriculum Platforms

Use Kyron Learning technology to augment your existing curriculums with interactive video content, leading to higher engagement, and insight on learner comprehension without having to do formal assessments.

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