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March 21, 2024

Announcing Kyron Studio

Rajen Sheth, CEO Kyron Learning
Announcing Kyron Studio

Today, I’m delighted to announce the next big leap in AI tutoring: Kyron Studio.

Launched in beta today, Kyron Studio enables educators to instantly create their own multi-modal AI tutoring sessions on nearly any subject to supplement class instruction. Also, it gives them the tools to craft and customize these sessions with their own judgment, their curriculum, their own videos, and their visuals. What results is a multi-modal experience that truly engages and helps the learner to understand a concept.

AI tutors need to be a lot more than a blinking cursor in a text box. We believe that an AI tutor should amplify the art of great educators, engage the learner through a visual experience, and bring feedback to the educator about what to do next. Moreover, by bringing together the power of AI with the wisdom of educators, we create an AI experience that’s controlled, vetted, and safer for learners.

With our 4th grade math lessons, we have seen firsthand how learners love the experience of interacting with an educator on Kyron Learning, and we’ve seen how it helps educators differentiate learning through small group instruction and interventions.

Now, with Kyron Studio, we are using cutting edge generative AI technology to make it easy for any educator to build these tutoring sessions in nearly any subject. We’re already seen amazing examples of lessons in computer science, college-level economics and accounting, history, biology, reading comprehension, and more.

We are releasing this in beta today so that we can get educator feedback, and we welcome you to try this experience at

We have more to come that we will be announcing at the ASU+GSV Summit in April.This is just the beginning. AI is advancing quickly, and we are iterating fast to incorporate the cutting edge advances in AI as it develops. We look forward to hearing from you as you try this and working with you to make AI tutoring truly great.

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