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November 16, 2023

Kyron Learning Awarded Industry's Highest Rating

Kyron Learning Awarded Industry's Highest Rating

Kyron Learning Earned a 5-Star Rating on Common Sense Media's Inaugural AI Ratings for Kids Apps.

This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide a safe, engaging, and enriching learning experience.

As the only platform to receive a 5-star rating, the highest rating possible, we're both humbled and delighted to have our efforts acknowledged by Common Sense Media. The study was also mentioned in The Washington Post and Axios. Multiple spotlights on Kyron Learning demonstrates the impact we are making in the education technology landscape and beyond.

Common Sense Media, an organization that advocates for safe and responsible media use for children, recently launched its AI ratings, offering invaluable insights into the world of kids' apps. Explore their AI Ratings page to learn more about the criteria behind the evaluations and the vita need for responsible AI usage in educational technology.

The Kyron Learning Experience

At the heart of our platform is an innovative approach to learning built with input from experienced teachers. We use and promote responsibly-designed "interactive video" led by real teachers and students to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

How Kyron Learning Works

Here's a snapshot of our unique methodology:

  • Interactive Instruction Instructors pose questions to learners during pre-recorded video segments.
  • Tailored Responses Learners answer verbally or by typing, and our platform responds with personalized video segments.
  • Two-Way Conversation Traditional one-way monologues are transformed into vibrant two-way conversations, akin to live tutoring sessions.

Our responsible use of AI is a driving principle behind Kyron Learning's success. The digital learning platform plays relevant video segments, and corrects misconceptions along the way. Instructors and institutions using Kyron Learning gain deep insights into individual and aggregate student performance, guiding personalized learning journeys.

Looking Ahead: A Responsible AI Journey

Kyron Learning has chosen to utilize Conversational AI in our 4th grade product, which naturally puts guardrails on the conversation, and which contributed to our 5-star rating. However, as we incorporate generative AI into our product roadmap, we're committed to responsible AI usage at every touchpoint.

Our team is not only ready to engage in meaningful conversations about the responsible use of AI, we hope to lead the way as a thought leader and innovator. We're excited about the prospect of sharing our journey with you.

This 5-star rating wouldn't be possible without the trust and support of our dedicated teachers and students. For those of you who have tried Kyron, thank you for being part of the Kyron Learning community! We invite everyone else to join us on our journey as we dedicate our company to continually enhancing the learning journey for every learner, young and old. We are excited about future innovations we'll be bringing to Kyron Learning. Let's continue to shape the future of learning together. Contact us to start using Kyron Learning today.  

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