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January 9, 2024

Empowering Instructors: Scaling Talent and Building Confidence with Kyron Learning

Author: Jessica Smagler
Empowering Instructors: Scaling Talent and Building Confidence with Kyron Learning

It is easy to be skeptical about AI. Especially when it comes to young learners. Will it teach things that are not true? Will it tell my students answers without encouraging them to think for themselves? Will it take my job?

At Kyron Learning, we believe in using AI to empower teachers, not replace or undermine them. For every incredible teacher, there are thousands of students who don’t have access to one. Our AI is carefully trained by expert educators in pedagogical best practices with the intention of scaling great instructors across any content domain imaginable. It only works when thoughtfully guided by people who know what they are talking about.

Kyron started in the world of K-12, but we have since proven useful in higher ed and in the corporate world. Why? Because we focus on empowering instructors by scaling their talent to build confidence - confidence in their teaching and in their learners. Let’s take a look at each of these three use cases.

Kyron in K-12

Kyron Learning was founded in September of 2022 with the mission of making high quality math lessons accessible to teachers and students around the globe. In 2019, only 41% of fourth grade students were proficient in mathematics. By 2022, in part due to COVID, that number dropped to 36%. At the same time, achievement gaps between low-poverty and high-poverty students and disparities by race and ethnicity only grew wider. 

Kyron Learning’s resources help schools work towards closing these gaps and support teachers’ broader work related to math instruction. With large classes made up of students who learn at different paces and bring unique learning profiles, it is extremely difficult for teachers to meet the needs of everyone in their classroom - something most teachers desperately want to do and that is crucial for student success! To make matters even more challenging, elementary school teachers are often underprepared to teach math effectively and find themselves without ample time during the school day to invest in planning. It is not surprising, then, that nearly all teachers report using the Internet to source instructional materials. Yet, in considering the most downloaded materials from some of the most popular supplemental websites, reviewers recommended that 63% of the materials not be used at all, citing issues with overall quality, alignment to standards, depth of knowledge, support for diverse learners, and appropriately reflecting the cultural diversity of today’s classrooms. 

Research has shown that teachers must be at the center of curriculum development efforts and that much of the effect of teachers on student learning is located in the interactions that take place between teachers and students. That is why Kyron Learning’s content is interactive and created by a diverse team of educators who have decades of experience teaching mathematics. Our curriculum is aligned to national standards, our pedagogical approach works to develop conceptual understanding, and our lessons - which use AI to simulate a 1:1 learning experience - are structured such that each student will take a unique path through the material based on their own progress and preference. Research has shown the effectiveness of 1:1 tutoring, including intelligent tutoring systems, in increasing learning and closing achievement gaps. Studies have also shown the benefits of teaching mathematics conceptually, personalizing instruction through differentiation and individualization, and helping students to establish a growth mindset. Kyron makes all of this - and more - accessible to anyone who wants it. 

So how does Kyron empower teachers? In three important ways:

  • We provide teachers with high-quality, interactive, differentiated, standards-aligned math content to supplement their instruction.
  • We deliver real-time data about student progress throughout the lesson, including information about specific misconceptions students have.
  • We collect regular feedback from teachers (and students!) around how we can improve our product to better meet their needs.

At Kyron, supporting and empowering teachers is an integral part of our design process. With Kyron at their fingertips, teachers can rest assured that they are using a product created with the intention to build teacher confidence when it comes to planning effective, differentiated math instruction. And they can breathe easier knowing that they can spend less time planning and more time developing relationships with students, better equipping them to meet their students’ needs. 

Kyron in College

If you’ve read this far and you’re wondering to yourself, “It sounds like Kyron could use its platform to help address some issues in higher ed,” well, we had the same thought! 

Technology is crucial to scaling education. And scaling education at affordable prices is key to making higher ed more accessible. Education beyond high school has historically been less accessible to under-resourced communities, not personalized enough to engage and retain a significant percentage of students who enroll, and too costly for many students who wish to stay the course. Kyron enthusiastically supports the work of post-secondary institutions that aim to increase access and improve retention by maximizing technology. 

As such, Kyron has already begun empowering instructors at the university level in three significant ways:

  • No more static videos! By making online courses interactive, professors can assign lessons that are engaging and personalized - in other words, they are designed to retain students.
  • Not enough ‘professor’ to go around when students are confused? Not a problem! Take the questions that are most commonly asked in office hours and create mini Kyron lessons to address each one. You just scaled and individualized extra help AND made it available 24/7. 
  • Need more data on student progress and misconceptions? Kyron has you covered. Our lessons feed data back to the professor and the institution to help orchestrate the online learning experience.

There are millions of students out there who deserve an effective and fulfilling higher education experience. We are working to empower as many instructors as we can who share in our mission to make great teaching accessible to everyone.

Kyron in Corporate

We’re not done here. An instructor is not just a teacher or professor responsible for educating a group of students. An instructor is anyone who teaches anything.

Are you a curriculum company that wants to take your content to the next level? An organization that wants to up your professional skilling game? With just the right combination of conversational and generative AI, Kyron is equipped to empower ANY type of instructor in ANY setting. Whether you are creating content from scratch or Kyronizing content that you’ve already created, we are ready to help you improve your offerings. 

Kyron Call to Action

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in actively forging AI to empower all types of instructors all over the globe. 

There. Is. No. Replacement. For. A. Great. Teacher. 

Let’s work together to scale top talent and build the confidence of those who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. 


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