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Put AI to work for your students.

We’re looking for 100 outstanding educators to join Kyron’s K-12 Collective and help build the most responsible and effective AI-powered learning platform for all students! 

What Teachers Get

Aligned 4th Grade Math CurriculumA year of free supplemental math lessons, aligned to the 4th grade Eureka Math. Kyron covers the two major clusters of 4th grade math standards: Numbers and Operations – Base Ten (4.NBT) and Numbers and Operations – Fractions (4.NF).

The Kyron K-12 Collective: All teachers are invited to take part in bi-monthly meetings that include insights into the latest AI developments from top practitioners, discussions around the responsible uses of AI, and the latest teaching practices for using Kyron in the classroom.

Dialogue with Kyron: Regular check-ins with the Kyron Learning team. We want to hear your insights, along with the experiences of your students, to guide our product development.

Student Progress Reports: Kyron will provide teachers with reports on a student's progression through a lesson, highlighting key understandings and misconceptions.

Responsive Technical Support: At any point, teachers can email support to report a problem and receive technical assistance within one business day.

Use Kyron For...

Intervention Blocks & Tutorials

Kyron guides students through content they find challenging. They can practice skills and receive immediate feedback.

Small Groups & Stations

Use Kyron like a teaching aide. Assign a subsection of students to dive into a standard or skill while you teach another topic.


Students who missed a lesson can use Kyron to catch up or review a concept at their own pace.

Amberly Hsieh


"I got to try out Kyron in my own classroom, and it's such a fresh way of providing instruction. I love how it gives students the opportunity to verbalize their thought process, as that's a skill that I feel so many students need more practice in!"

Ralph Krauss

Digital Innovations

"This will change education forever. Truly the most innovative tech in education!"

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